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Eva ‘Bobby' Neumann was born on the 8th March 1929 in the town of Soylva, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On Sunday 16th April 1944, aged just 14, she, her parents and two young brothers were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Separated on arrival, her mother and brothers were taken directly to the gas chambers. Eva's father was later murdered by the Nazis after being subjected to slave labour. Eva was amongst the Jewish prisoners – who in January 1945 - were forced to walk to Germany on the infamous Death March.

After liberation, she lived in Budapest for three years with cousins before moving to Geneva, where she married. Eva and her husband settled in Manchester, England where they had four children.

Over the last ten years, Bobby has been back to Auschwitz on multiple occasions with groups of students, giving a first-hand account of the horrors of the Holocaust.


Rabbi Boruch Oberlander is the head of the Orthodox Rabbinical Court of Budapest and Senior Emissary of the Chabad Lubavitch Movement to Hungary.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York and has lived in Budapest, Hungary since August 1989.

As a child of Hungarian Holocaust survivors, he was keen to rebuild the Jewish community, which had been destroyed at the hands of the Nazis and was repressed under subsequent Communist rule.

Today, Rabbi Oberlander presides over a vibrant Jewish community. He received the prestigious Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in recognition of his service to the community; which had included building a Jewish infrastructure in the city as well as extensive outreach activities.